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Vehicle Wraps

From Smart car to Transport Trailer, your company vehicle is your personal billboard, and graphically wrapping it is the most visible and cost effective form of advertising for your business. It allows your brand to go on the road with you or park it in a location that is highly visible. Vehicle wraps allow you to gain higher brand awareness that will in turn boost your business. We will customize a professional vehicle wrap to suit your needs and budget, while keeping your target market in mind! 

Design and Branding

Using our creativity and 15 years of experience in the industry, we will build and implement an image for your company that will portray your professional edge to your clients. To do this we combine colours, shapes, graphics, and typeface to establish a distinctive look to set your product apart from your competitors.

Design and Branding Services:

·  Logos & Design
·  Brochures
·  Business Cards
·  Flyers
·  Vehicle Wraps
·  Custom Corporate Murals


Signs are one of the key ways to create and maintain a brand image for your company. We will take the message you want to convey and our graphic professionals will transform it into an eye-catching sign. We are a full service company, ensuring top quality for your signage by implementing both design and printing in-house.


From school murals to historic murals, this is our most creative outlet. Murals make buildings come alive by adding creative character. One of the most exciting parts of the mural process is watching them come together with each brushstroke. This process is an engaging experience for customers in restaurants, passersby, or even students that can get involved in its creation through one of our community-building mural painting programs. Each mural is unique in design and hand painted on site.

Trade Show Displays

A trade show is a marketing event that brings your potential/existing customers into one building. It is our job to create captivating designs in order for those customers to engage with you in your booth, lending professionalism to your sales pitch. Reimer Graphics will consult an overall booth design with you, as well as design all your displays and promotional materials to match.